Our School:Napier Intermediate

Who strives conquers.

Vision Statement

The School of Dynamic Learning.

Mission Statement

The School of success.


 Future and Ongoing Goals

 •  High achievement in the core curriculum
 •  To develop connected, self directed learners
 •  Develop strong family/community partnerships
 •  Develop diverse learning opportunities

EROs Comment 2014

"Students participate in a wide range of learning experiences in and outside of the classroom."

"The school uses student achievement information well to make positive changes to learners' engagement, progress and achievement."

"Teachers use student achievement data to make decisions about levels and grouping, and to identify students who require additional support and extension."

"Teachers know their students well and develop positive and affirming relationships with them."

"Student voice is regularly sought, valued and beginning to influence curriculum decisions."

Parent Comments

"The school sets high learning standards."

"The staff and pupils are friendly and helpful."

"I feel informed at all times and the education level is high."

"Napier Intermediate creates positive learning environments with dedicated staff."