Newsletters and Notices:

All school newsletters that are sent home are able to be downloaded from the school website. The school newsletters are fortnightly, sent home as a hardcopy, emailed to your home email account, or on the website.

If you would like the newsletter emailed, ring the office and give them your email account. If you experience any difficulties receiving or opening the email, ring the office with your problem and they will do their best to fix it. In the meantime they are able to give the student a hard copy.

  NOTE: All newsletters and notices are PDF files.

School Newsletters

Term One   Term Two
 3rd February 2017    4th May 2017
 Samoan Newsletter Wk 2
   Samoan Newsletter Week 1
 16th February 2017    Samoan Newsletter 2nd May
 2nd March 2017    18th May 2017
 Samoan Newsletter Wk5
   Samoan Newsletter Week 3
 Samoan Newsletter 2nd March 2017    Samoan Newsletter 19th May
 16th March 2017    1st June 2017
 Samoan Newsletter 16th March 2017    Samoan Newsletter Week 5
 Samoan Newsletter 30th March
   15th June 2017
 30th March Newsletter    29th June 2017
 13th April Newsletter    
Samoan Newsletter T2, Wk 11    
Term Three
  Term Four
 27th July 2017    
 10th August 2017    
 24th August 2017    
7th September 2017  
Samoan Newsletter Week 7    
 21st September 2017    

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