Napier Intermediate has a focused direction for our goals and a new vision.
At the centre of this remains our intention to provide the best possible education; academically, sporting, and culturally to all students.

A positive partnership between home and school is essential to the achievement of the goals that you as parents, we as teachers, and your child as the learner, want to realise. We work together to enable your child to reach their potential.

Students at Napier Intermediate will be challenged, extended, and motivated in an array of activities. They will have the chance to gain the skills and knowledge required for them to succeed at High School, and in their lives outside school.

At our school, every student has the opportunity to make a unique contribution, within an environment, which has high standards and expectations - both behaviourally and academically.

Napier Intermediate's ERO Report Summary 2014

Napier Intermediate trustees, senior leaders and teachers focus on improvement and are well placed to sustain and improve the school's performance. Students participate in a wide range of learning experiences in and outside of the classroom. Plans are in place to improve student progress and achievement, particularly in writing.

Please click on the following link for a more indepth report.

Upcoming Events:

term dates 2014  

Term 4 - 13th Oct - 12th Dec

term dates 2015

Term 1 - 27th Jan - 2nd April

Term 2 - 20th April - 3rd july

Term 3 - 20th july - 25th Sept

Term 4 - 12th Oct - 11th Dec

second hand uniform sale

14th and 16th January - Napier Intermediate School Hall - 10 am - 12 pm.

Year 8 students wishing to donate three articles of clothing may do so on Thursday 11th December and wear mufti for Thursday and Friday.

BASKETBALL final draw

Napier Wizards vs Napier Heat @ 6.45pm, Court 1, Hastings Sports Stadium

Napier Spurs vs Tamatea Sonics @ 6pm, Court 1, PGA, Taradale

Napier Sprockets vs Tamatea Clippers @ 6.45pm, Court 3, PGA, Taradale.

Summer Hockey Draw

3rd December

NIS 2 4:00

NIS Strikers 5:30

nis phone app.

Don't forget to download our phone app to keep alerted and up to date with what's happening at NIS.

super 6 athletics

Napier Intermediate 2nd place. Well done to all the team and thanks to Mr Astill for the organisation.

School buses

School buses will not be running Friday 12th December in the afternnon for Napier Intermediate students.


Naiper Intermediate 1 played Napier Intermediate 3 in the fnal of the Division 1 competition. Congratulations to NIS 1 and Mr Eagle who came away with the win. 

next board meeting