Napier Intermediate has a focused direction for our goals and a new vision.
At the centre of this remains our intention to provide the best possible education; academically, sporting, and culturally to all students.

A positive partnership between home and school is essential to the achievement of the goals that you as parents, we as teachers, and your child as the learner, want to realise. We work together to enable your child to reach their potential.

Students at Napier Intermediate will be challenged, extended, and motivated in an array of activities. They will have the chance to gain the skills and knowledge required for them to succeed at High School, and in their lives outside school.

At our school, every student has the opportunity to make a unique contribution, within an environment, which has high standards and expectations - both behaviourally and academically.

Upcoming Events:

term dates 2014  

Term 3 - 21st  July - 26th Sept

Term 4 - 13th Oct - 12th Dec

term 3 focus

Let's Get  Discovering

Values - Respect, relationships, responsibility, honesty, tolerance and trust

Key Competency focus - language, symbols and text

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basketball term 3

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netball  competition

Hockey  competition

B asketball Term 3

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NAPIER HEAT holiday trainings letter

3 way conferences

4th August - 7th August

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